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shared space 交通 

2007年09月13日 ()

和訳してくださいFewer Rules, More Safety As the number of cars increases each...
和訳してくださいFewer Rules, More Safety As the number of cars increases each yasr, the roads in our towns and cities become more crowded and dangerous. For some time, govermants have been searchingfor ways to solve this problen. The traditional approach has been to try to control both drivers and nondrivers. Traffic lights, speed limits, and signs are used to make drivers drive more carefully, while fences and pedestrin crossing are used to control where peopre cross the road. Now, however, a new movement is challenging this tradetional approach to traffic safety. The movemant began in the Netherlands, where traffic engineers of rules. doscovered that the best way to increase road safety was to decrease the number of rules. One of the pioneers of this movement, Hans Monderman, redesigned a busy intersection in the town of Drachten Which about 20,000 cars pass through each day. The intersection had become so dangerous that pedestrians and cyclists avoided it. Monderman decided to make the intersection into a "shared space" that could be used freely by cars, cycles, and pedestrians. He remoned all signs and traffic lights. The result was that drivers began to slow down and watci out for other people. The number of accidents fell - yet the average time that it took to cross the town remind the some. This was because drivers did not have to wait for traffic lights to change, so fewer traffic jams built up. British traffic expert Ben Hamilton-Baillie points outthat the new approach works because it makes drivers more cautions. A driver driving thriough a crowded campsite, for example, is very unlikely to have an accident because he or she will driver slowly and carefully. The same applies to the new shared spaces. These Dutch experiments have worked so well that they are mow begin copied across the world. Improving traffic safety, however, is not the only aim of supporters of the movement. They also want to emphasize that roads are for everyone to use, not just for drivers of cars. By treating drivers and nondrivers equally, they hope to ensourage the development of a more cooperative attitude toward public apaces among all the residests of a town.(続きを読む)

Shared Space
以前から言われているshared spaceという考え方の応用なのだが、人間の行動心理から考え出されたものらしい。 混沌とした繁華街に秩序をもたらすために取り付けられている信号や標識だが、これらが無いことで安全への意識が働き、より注意深く行動する . ...(続きを読む)

Shared Space
交通安全の向上目的で標識を取り払うという考え方は「Shared Space(共有空間)」と呼ばれ、オランダ人の交通専門家ハンス・モンデルマン氏が考案、欧州連合(EU)の支持も得た。ボームテでも、信号などを取り外す費用120万ユーロ(約1億8800万 ...(続きを読む)

shared space 共有空間

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