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2007年09月24日 ()

英文の翻訳をお願いします。Rocket BoysIn the 1950s all the boys in Coalwood grew up to work in the mine, and Homer Hickam thought he would, too.The only way to escape was to enter college with a football scholarship, but Homer wasn't big enough to be a football player.Then one day in 1957, everything changed.Sputnik, the first Soviet satellite, flew across the October sky - and Homer made up his mind to build a rocket.Homer, along with three friends, worked very hard on the project.There were almost no books on rockets in Coalwood and they had to do everything by themselves.They built many rockets and they made many mistakes.Once they almost went to jail because someone said they caused a forest fire!Also, Homer had another problem: his father.Homer's father was a mine leader and felt his son should also work in the mine.Homer loved him and needed his support, but he didn't want to work in the mine at all.The father and son didn't get along.One day Homer's father was in a terrible mine accident and stayed in the hospital for a long time.Homer's brother had gone to college with a foot ball scholarship and Homer was the only person who could support the family.He went deep down into the mine, but his heart was still flying in the sky.After his father was better, Homer left the mine forever.The boy's science teacher, Ms. Riley, never gave up hope for her students.She told Homer, "Sometimes you really can't listen to what anybody else says.You've just got to listen inside."In 1958, Homer's dream came true.He and his friends won gold at the National Science Fair with their project.Homer came home to launch one last rocket.Just before the launching, he talked with his father and said, "I've come to believe that not because I'm different from you.It's because I'm the same."But his father still refused to come to the launching.In the end, however, Homer's father came and pushed the launch button.As the rocket went high up into the sky, he proudly put his arm around his shoulder.(続きを読む)


McLaren dropped down from lanking
決定事項だから当然ですが、マクラーレンのコンストラクターズポイントが既に抹消されています。 当然他のチームは全部一つずつ繰り上がって、SAF1が7位に着けてます。 早くもアロンソはルノーに戻るとの情報もあるし、来年誰がルイスのチームメイトに ...(続きを読む)

Still in the game/Keith Sweat
[asin:B00000ADL2:image]R&B Come and Get with Me Rumors Can We Make Love Let Me Have My Way What Goes Around Love Jones Too Hot I’m Not Ready Show U What Love Is Just Another Day You Know I Like In Your Eyes 先ほど、駅前の北海道ラーメン ...(続きを読む)

McLaren fined and stripped of constructors’ points
The Official Formula 1 Website 色々情報が出てたけれど、公式に2007年のコンストラクターズポイントの剥奪が出ました。 マクラーレンは控訴したみたいだけどまずこの決定は動かないでしょう。 アロンソ来年は移籍かもね。 $100mの罰金ってどう使われる ...(続きを読む)

テリヤキボーイズ、NY席巻…NIGO「言葉の壁 全然感じなかった!」
(デビューアルバムにも参加した)ファレル・ウィリアムスや(シングル「I still love H.E.R」をプロデュースした)カニエ・ウェストとかも呼んで、ニューヨークでやりたいですね」とNIGO。全8曲、40分弱のステージのニューヨーク初上陸は、 ...(続きを読む)

使用機種がバレバレ! デジタル写真に残る個人情報に気をつけろ
nikkei BPnet
もちろん、撮影日も一目瞭然。デジタル写真は通常、このような撮影情報をEXIF(イグジフ:exchangeable image file format for digital still cameras)という形式で内部に保持しているのだ。 詳細は、デジタルARENAの記事本文をご覧ください。(続きを読む)

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